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The next morning I was hung over a little, and had the phone fucktube number of Bill of Chris, who has worried me a bit of Chris, and much more than they seemed to know, the room was booked, was that it was good, Lyn had been bed, I had been showered fun I'd had after last night called in order, I said yes, okay, he added, is sure to make your stay and see again what fucktube they said we I think, as if di not talk much, she thought it was more and hung in the afternoon, Lyn wanted to go shopping, so I let her go alone, when she left I have a text of bill, to call you if I did, he seemed pleased and told him to come from two to eight, as I said, I said yes, then he said, so that his wife has a fondness for them last night after I said, it seems that the well and then asked to say nothing of ants, their response was not yours, we know that other couples fucktube like you, so defiant here, I said yes to say that, Ven sounded not too late, Lyn returned shortly afterseemed in better spirits this evening, prepared a new dress, it was that was, I realized is that it looks wonderful, but it is actually delight and too short to work on the road, it was said that a layer software on it, I saw no panties or bra If Bob came home, opened the door behind him Rob, glad we got there I saw Rob Lyn took the robe and smiled, then took a risks in the small hallway lounge a I looked a little sober bing cable right now and know what will happen soon, my wife, with these two randy sod, but I have a surprise when we entered the room to say another couple was in one of the sofas, we know where it was introduced, Steve and Anne n I would say that was about sixty years, but fucktube Anna was not that half the forties, when he said that drinks in the kitchen, I, Steve and I together and the two women chatting with the guys asked me if I was the first time, I said no, we need to know Bill and Rob last night, said that his egour party first and then it was a little strange, he said this is a kind of warning, I was confused when he knocked on the door, he said, occurred in three other black, Steve looked at them and whispered classifier a great amount of time, I thought then that is a party, and nothing will happen like last night Steve and I went a little alcohol if it returned three smaller than the couch was full, can say sitting there, we will fucktube have more space, we want two on the road, we sat there for a couple of chairs to watch, I said it's not a good combination, because only our wives, I looked at me when I was angry, and said nothing of them theres the missing eagerly, then dropped the coin to our women, refers to fucktube assume all the guys here, I knew were injured when Lyn, I'm sure thought it was a joke and Rob Boll and a repeat of last night, the two wives, along with a feeling that men are much more the center of attention, ie, if they try to Lyn, to draw attention iseemed like I was ignored by her fucktube and men, so I went to the bathroom had one when I sat down again in the music and the two girls dancing where I'm back I'm in my eye seemed never Lyn drink, and it fucktube seemed like everyone wanted to dance with her, I was with them and saw Anne with three men, her blouse was undone, I told Steve that I see missing, said do not worry it is clear all up in being prompt and safe, nuff Lyn between the two and huddled in the back, had both hands in front of her dress to feel her tits, Steve, nudged me and told me better than the room now, or may not come at the head, which was empty, was the main lights off, but where the lights in the big king-size bed, two chairs for us was the bathroom and are equipped with some tissue and then gave me some Tori dropped his pants and had a very small tail, which he called, I looked up and said youYou can also get this too, me, my shirt was on the tail, raised it and said it was okay, I've never had a man say that before not the first time Anne came up with three boys, a minutes later, three of them came with Lyn and women, naked except fucktube for socks, the two women came to bed with men around, both licked and sucking cock when she, and the breasts, where the damned began to moan and gasp sighs, sometimes playing a grunt louder fucktube than a student shot his load in a white kitten, which had six between them, but as a fill and left a will or a pair of times the two at some point the two girls a guy once that had guts shot over her after an hour, seems able to slow them down, had three services suck, Lyn was in all the FORES time and some said they 'll have a white ass and bum crack Lyn shouted altered, but no joke, they fuck and fucktube let him go his load, I see him twice to take AnneHe seemed to be more accustomed to it as Lyn fucktube Steve do not know what we like, two runs, both in the straw, which fucktube is largely in the dark side of the room in the middle of this, I felt Steve 's hand let go of his hand looking at my cock, took over, it felt very strange at first, but really beautiful, so good I had to tell him that I was about to end, I said, I am, he leaned over and out hot mouth was the end of my dick and the way he rubbed shit, the hell broke loose, for support not suck and could no longer came to the last drop, were sitting there, one thing that said shit in the bed that was happening, it seemed to us a warning, some have a second wind, as it was a couple of guys in bed with our wives again, Steve took my hand and put it on his cock, did fucktube not feel I was more than I thought too thick and very hot, very rigid, rubbed it slowly, but he could feel his excitement, he leaned over, took me to fucktube say more about me, I was rubbingis very fast now, I opened my mouth and I finally touched his lips, which had reared, and the acorn like me, is completely absorbed well, that chain moved his throbbing cock and a square of sperm hit the roof mouth of a shrug and charge others more delight I felt then shake it and gave me a little more than he springs from a bad conscience up reveling the girls need a brake and closed side out again that the hand that looked like a disaster marked fucktube sperm over her as she put it there hair all over his body, after hours, I was like Lyn lead in the bedroom of two children watched, Steve had left the moor, as I expected one of the guys came out and Anne have, by the time he returned, he was back with Lyn Anne licking each other and both of God, who both enjoyed the sounds they made, which have as their romance for some time men came to see that they have horny, so fucking began not long continue We were in Steve and AnneCar, which later went to the hotel an hour we arrived at the phone number and had our
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